International business development

FRANCE EXPORTEA is a French company exclusively focused on international business development, towards the 5 continents (Europe, Africa, Asia, Americas and Oceania).
FRANCE EXPORTEA activity is structured around 2 specific know-hows:

Know how ❶

Establishment and development of commercial and/or industrial partnerships between French medium-size companies and foreign partners who wish to develop their activity on international markets.

Know how ❷

International project engineering, in specific areas, in order to provide a global sectoral approach thanks to the know-how acquired by FRANCE EXPORTEA over the years.

Our specificity: international business relations

Business relations

Business relations, their quality and seriousness become an essential element of the export strategy. Unfortunately, this is too often neglected because long term-investment is the only way to guarantee a certain level of professional reliability.


The companies that export are doing much better than the others. The more they export, the more they innovate, the richer they become and the better equipped they are for the future. The conquest of new export markets is therefore essential for the development of companies in general and medium-size companies in particular.

The commercial approach

The commercial export approach to any new export market presupposes a certain knowledge, a certain control of their operating mode, of their codes, because quite simply each export market is a specific market.




European markets are local markets for FRANCE EXPORTEA ...



This wide continent is today our unavoidable partner ...



The North and South American markets have always been a major focus for the developmentof FRANCE EXPORTEA ...

Asie-Moyen Orient

Asia - Middle East

FRANCE EXPORTEA has historically been present on the Central Asian markets for many years ...